AIR KING 9535 Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia

AIR KING 9535 Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia
AIR KING 9535 Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia

AIR KING 9535 Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia
Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia. Tower Fan, Overall Style - Fans Tower, Fan Mounting Location Floor, Number of Speeds 3, Blade Dia. 3 1/2 in, Oscillating, Air Flow (CFM) 390/310/220, Fan Cord Length 6 ft, Fan Power Source Plug-In, 55/45/38 W Watts, 1525/1180/930 RPM RPM, Battery Operated - Fans No, Fan Voltage 120 V AC, Fan, Length 14-1/2 In.

0.38/0.30/0.25 A Amps, Height 53 in, Width 14 1/2 in, 60 Hz, Bearing Type Sleeve, Blade Material ABS Plastic, Plastic, 18 AWG, 3, 5-15P, ETL and OSHA Compliant Guards, Remote Control. Office tower fans are tall, slender fans that can fit into corners and tight spaces to provide cooling while taking up minimal floor space. These cooling fans typically push less air than box fans but have more features (such as an oscillation setting or remote control) and a more attractive design.

Office pedestal fans have a sturdy base and an adjustable-height post, so they can be placed on the floor and directed where needed. The pedestal bases provide stable footing without requiring permanent installation, so the fans can be moved when necessary. The posts can be raised and lowered to set fan heads at an optimal height. These cooling fans have a motor that rotates the fan blades to move air and a guard that helps protect the blades from damage and prevent injuries from accidental contact. They're used as a cooling fan in clean, dry environments such as offices, residences, healthcare facilities, and light commercial and manufacturing spaces.

TACO 005-020RP Replacement Pump Cartridge. ZING 6043 GHS SDS Center, Double Station, Bilingual. KWIKSET 488DL 3 Door Lever Lockset, Mechanical, Half Dummy. KWIKSET 300DL 3 6AL RCS V1 Door Lever Lockset, Mechanical, Privacy.

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AIR KING 9535 Tower Fan, 3 Speeds, 3-1/2 Blade Dia

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